Estudi Tèxtil

Estudi Tèxtil

Estudi tèxtil

Atelier and textil shop

When you enter Anna's atelier you can feel the artisanal profession. Estudi Textil is an atelier and shop where you can find all sort of fabrics and textile accessories, handcrafted by Anna Vilafranca using the traditional technique of high and lower loom warp. The high quality fabrics handwoven at the loom become all kind of clothes, from jakets, to kimonos, vests, ponchos, foulards, etc., and you can also find handmade wall decorative tapestries or order them on demand.

Estudi Tèxtil

Exclusive accessories and clothes

With handcrafted fabrics

Anna started weaving years ago as a hobby and then it became her entrepreneur adventure and life project as a professional artisan. Estudi Textil oppened its doors first at carrer Flassaders and then moved to the current location in carrer Brosolí, always within el Born, where you can find unique pieces handwoven by her.

Estudi Tèxtil

Unique and handcrafted fabrics

In the heart of the Born

Between the large variety of materials and colous of the yarns and the 4 looms spread across the atelier, Anna weaves from 25 m. long fabric rolls until little fabric samples.

Anna's warmth and proximity makes the experience of visiting Estudi Textil comforting and welcoming, a pleasure tot those who appreciate art and artisanal textile products.

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