Montse Cortecans

Montse Cortecans

Montse Cortecans

Handmade jewelry in the Born

Montse opened her jewelery exhibition-workshop at career Mirallers 3 in Born by 2007, although she had then been an artisan for many years. Her jewels have a clear and organic design, they are inspired by the quotidian and the research of unique and versatile pieces, for everyday wearing.

Montse Cortecans’ jewels are mainly silver pieces handmade with artisanal techniques used over the whole process of creating them. The pieces, made from different plates or different size threads, capture the constant experimentation Montse does in pursuing new finishings and textures. Some of the jewels include colours by using minerals.

Montse Cortecans

Creative jewelry

For the day to day

Summarising, Montse’s pieces merge creativity and practicality to create everyday jewels for her customers.

Montse Cortecans

Unique jewelry

Elegance for any occasion

One of the more rewarding thing of being an artisan, to Montse, is the opportunity to express her creativity and connect with the customers. Next to her sister, Maite, Montse keeps working everyday to share and show their art and passion.

Don’t miss the jewels exposed at the down floor of the atelier, if you’re looking for unique and elegant pieces for any occasion.

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