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Strolling through the small streets of El Born Barrio in Barcelona and guided by the peculiar smell you are bound to discover the Leather Workshop atelier Rossymina in Banys Vells Street. There, the two cousins Rositsa and Mina display their exclusive and unique crafted leather goods. At @Rossymina can you choose from a wide range of hand painted products while observing the creative process of elaboration.

Mina Naniova and Rositsa Pencheva are cousins who in 2005 decided to start their business and established a brand to crate together unique crafted pieces in leather. By 2010 they opened their own place at Banys Vells 14, in Born, Barcleona. This is where you can meet and see them work, paint and display the exclusive leather goods, hand painted using traditional and original techniques and methods.

Leather accessories

Quality & Exclusive

The atelier workshop is snuggled in a side street of Santa Maria del Mar, next to museum Picasso and offers variety of handbags, leather bags, belts, jewellery, backpacks and more, made of first quality Spanish and Italian leather and hand-painted in a unique way. All of these products are the result of dedicated work and the outcome of the imagination and experience of Rosi and Mina, a palpable fusion of colors shapes and forms.


Hand painted

ROSSYMINA is an unique place where you can feel the novelty of leather, caress textures, let your senses ramble through smells and colors and take a piece of Barcelona with you.

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